Stress Making you Wilt? Here's the One Thing that Outlasts Your Anxiety and Exhaustion

(Psalms 103:15-18) Is stress melting your peace? This Psalm offers a brutally honest look at life and the one thing which outlasts our trials.

A Tale of Two Kings

(Psalms 20:6-9) We're caught in a political warzone, where the tale of nationalism is getting louder. King David, though, shows us the better way.

Biblical Rest Offers Deeper Hope than Today's Mindfulness Trend

(Psalm 62:1-2) A powerful Psalm shows the secret of finding rest in a chaotic world.

🎧Your Psalm 119 Mixtape

Here's your weekend mixtape...err, wrong metaphor...taste testing of Psalm 119!

Hope in a Pandemic World: The Theme Song You Need

(Psalm 119:49-55) What's the theme song of your life? In a pandemic world, a theme of hope & praise may seem far off, but there's hope.

Delighting in Direction

(Psalm 119:33-37) Our culture embraces fierce independence and the entrepreneurial lifestyle. This Psalm shows how being directed by God is a beautiful thing.

Seek. Treasure. Know. Live it out.

(Psalm 119:9-11) The Psalmist shares the movement of a life that loves God. Seeking God, treasuring His words, knowing Him through them, and then living them out are essential to our Christian life.
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