Old Testament

Wooden Savior. Heart of Stone.

(Jeremiah 2:27-28) Jeremiah calls out the idol worship of Israel. It was everywhere. He calls them to turn their faces to God. His words matter for us.

The Freshwater Spring You Must Visit: The Spring of Living Water

(Jeremiah 2:13) God has a word for His people: Stop digging bad wells. Turn to Me, your source of Living Water.

What is the Day of Atonement and the Christian's Response to it?

(Leviticus 16:15-16) The Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur, is the holiest of days on the Jewish calendar. But, should Christians celebrate, and what is its significance?

Stress Making you Wilt? Here's the One Thing that Outlasts Your Anxiety and Exhaustion

(Psalms 103:15-18) Is stress melting your peace? This Psalm offers a brutally honest look at life and the one thing which outlasts our trials.

A Tale of Two Kings

(Psalms 20:6-9) We're caught in a political warzone, where the tale of nationalism is getting louder. King David, though, shows us the better way.

Biblical Rest Offers Deeper Hope than Today's Mindfulness Trend

(Psalm 62:1-2) A powerful Psalm shows the secret of finding rest in a chaotic world.

God's Unexpected Solution to Sin

(Isaiah 53:4-6) God's solution to sin may seem unfair, but it is both just and beautiful.

­čî┤Friday Fun, More on Justice, & Book Review

(Isaiah 1:17) The ultimate squirrel obstacle course, more on justice, and what I'm reading.
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