Scripture Sauce bottle in front of common diner table items.

Why the Sauce?

A great hot sauce is meant to be savored and enjoyed with others.

A small dash can transform a dish.

Our favorite sauces are heirlooms we pass on to family, hide in the office fridge, and dab onto just about any meal.

Most importantly, hot sauces are rooted in family and community. We pass them around the table and share them.

Like the transformative and communal power of a hot sauce, the Scriptures nourish our spiritual appetites with truth.

What's Inside a Bottle?

Scripture Sauce is a free blog and newsletter offering a dab of Bible with honest reflection.

It's meant to spice-up your devotional time and encourage a love for the main course: God Himself.

Our hope for Scripture Sauce is to encourage a lifelong enjoyment and love for the Scriptures. After all, they reflect the goodness and character of God.

We currently publish twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Scripture Sauce is a labor of love meant to be a ministry to others.

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But (and this is a BIG but) our aim for Scripture Sauce is not personal profit but the Gospel itself.

"The good news of Christ is free to all, so our main posts on the Scriptures will always be free to all."

Authors and Contributors

Interested in contributing to Scripture Sauce as a guest or recurring writer?

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We are growing our team of writers and would love to have a plurality of voices!

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We do use a privacy-centered company to track our number of visitors. They are GDPR compliant. Much of the internet uses Google Analytics to measure website traffic. It is a free service, but does not protect user data. So, in an effort to protect your data, we are paying a GDPR compliant company for our metrics. We'd rather absorb cost than put any of your internet data at risk.