Find your Place: Respite & Solitude with God

(Mark 1:35-37) Even the Son of God needed respite with the Father. Where's your place?

Yeah, He's "Still Rolling Stones"

(John 11:38-44) The climactic and surprising ending to the story of Lazarus offers the final word on death and suffering.

Did Jesus Feel Pain or Sadness?

(John 11:32-37) The story of Lazarus offers an interlude of mourning—and the shortest verse of the Bible.

No Dead Messiahs Here

On the greatest claim anyone could make. And the concrete, living hope we have in Christ.

Something Huge is on the Horizon

(John 11:17-24) In the face of death, Jesus hints at the future reality of the "resurrection at the last day."

☀️ "I am going there to awaken him..."

(John 11:11-15) Jesus's stunning answer to pain, suffering, and death.

Justice & Mercy: What Americans can Learn from the Response of Christian Cooper

A sampling from Jesus' famous "Blessed are..." statements and the response of a man rightly deserving justice.

What Jesus' Endurance through Testing Means for You

(Matthew 4:1-4) What the testing of Jesus means for those facing testing of their own. Plus, some super cool connections to Deuteronomy!
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