Above All Names: An Ode to the Supremacy of Jesus Christ

(Colossians 1:15-20) Paul's majestic poem of praise to the name that started it all...

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A Majestic Poem

Today's dab of Bible will leave you breathless.

For today, I do not plan on adding much commentary. I think Paul's words here speak for themselves.

Sometimes, I feel like I speak too much. Sometimes I don't pause enough and listen to God. There are times when I have to let the Bible speak for itself.

So for today, truly take in Paul's poem of praise.

It is an ode to the majesty of Jesus Christ, the One whose name is above all other names...

He is the image of the invisible God,
the firstborn of all creation.
For by Him all things were created—
in heaven and on earth,
the seen and the unseen,
whether thrones or angelic powers
or rulers or authorities.
All was created through Him and for Him.
He exists before everything,
and in Him all holds together.
He is the head of the body,
His community.
He is the beginning,
the firstborn from the dead—
so that He might come to have first place in all things.
For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him
and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself,
making peace through the blood of His cross—
whether things on earth or things in heaven!

Colossians 1:15-20 (TLV)

When it says Jesus is the "image of the invisible God" it is a striking statement. The word Paul uses for "image" is equivalent to our word for icon. In other words, you want to see and to know God the Father? You want behold His very likeness and image?

Look to the Son.

“For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself…”

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"Colossians 1:15-20 CSB" by Michael Snowdon on YouTube

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