Read the Label

A look into what's inside a bottle of Scripture Sauce.

Man dabbing hot sauce onto food.
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A look at what's inside Scripture Sauce

Welcome to Scripture Sauce, your daily dab of Bible goodness!

Each week you will get Scripture to savor and to transform your day.

What’s on the label?

Before your first dab of sauce, please know the Scriptures and knowing God are always the main course.

I’m human. Though I will always do my best to share the intended meaning of passages and their historical contexts accurately, I may mess up.

This is where comments and threads will come in. I want you, my fellow saucers, to help each other savor and understand the Scriptures together. They are meant to be read and enjoyed like a family around the table.

About the Author

My name is Jordan, and I foremost a follower of Christ, husband, and daddy.

I’m also an educator and have taught reading and writing skills to teens for thirteen years. Currently, I have the privilege of teaching Journalism (you can see my students’ digital newspaper here).

Though I am considered a lay person in the church, I have taught the Bible to kids and to adults. I am currently serving as a Sunday school teacher at my church’s wonderful New Life Kids program. (-:

And deep-down, I am what you would consider a “Bible nerd” in the best of ways. I read the New Testament in Greek (for fun), study free graduate-level classes, and read books written by experts in various fields. And most importantly, I know the Scriptures offer us life. I genuinely enjoy them. Reading and learning them has been a lifelong pursuit.

Are you ready?

The first shipment of Scripture Sauce arrives this Monday, May the 4th (cue Star Wars theme!).

If you haven’t already, sign-up now so you don’t miss the first daily dab!

Oh, and if you are excited as I am about savoring the Scriptures, please share with your friends and family.