Behind the Scenes of Scripture Sauce

A behind-the-scenes look into the making of your weekly dab of Bible.

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Let the Sauce Simmer…

Each day’s Scripture reading is connected to the ones before it.

One of my goals was to show the interconnections between both Testaments of the Bible. As well, I wanted to enable readers to really savor the depth of Scripture in context. With that in mind, I plan to offer pieces which fit into a larger whole.

Scripture Sauce through the phases: planning, drafting, and publishing.

Each week’s worth of Scripture Sauce begins with planning and research from various translations, original languages, and cross-references.

Screenshot of my Bible study software.

Like the consistency of well-made sauces, I wanted each daily dab to be faithful to the Scripture’s recipe of meaning. Even though the Bible is ancient literature, its truths hold “eternal relevance,” and I hope to communicate them clearly.

Because the Bible is God’s Word, it has eternal relevance; it speaks to all humankind, in every age and in every culture.

― Gordon D. Fee, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

Recipes take Time

Scripture Sauce is a labor of love…

  • for others to experience the sweetness of the Scriptures
  • for my family and friends to be encouraged
  • for the sake of Biblical literacy (thank you Bible Project for doing this on a mass-scale and for inspiring me!)
  • for myself as an extended devotional time in the Word

Though the daily-dabs of Scripture are short (mostly), they take a lot of time to plan, to draft, to revise, to fine-tune, and to publish.

So far, I’ve been keeping a publishing schedule where I plan and write a week ahead. I would love to be more organized and ahead than that, but there’s other needs pressing in on me. There may come a time when I may only be able to publish a few times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday for instance), but I am hoping to keep these as dailies.

Note: Since publication of this post, I have had to switch to posting twice per week due to time constraints.

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Like a homemade meal, the Bible is meant to be savored in community. The table is where conversation, board game nights, laughter, and connection grow.

Let’s keep this flourishing together!

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